About Us

Combining personal Italian vegetarian backgrounds with our extensive experience in restaurant hospitality, we wish to demonstrate how nutritious, sustainable, organic, vegan and not-vegan foods, combined with a healthy lifestyle, never have to compromise on taste or enjoyment.

That is why we embarked on the monumental effort to transform one of the most iconic Italian products, pasta, into a healthy creation that combines tradition and innovation in a perfect balance.

We elaborated on pasta, the most commonly exploited and battered of foods, nowadays perceived as fattening and hard-to-digest, and cleverly converted it into a very healthy every-day component of anybody’s diet.

Our own version of pasta promotes a recipe that is healthy, gluten-free, organic and protein-based.

We have made pasta a food that you can enjoy every day, eliminating the stuffines of complex carbs (with all its weight repercussions…) and created Pastaplant!

Pasta plant is completely organic gluten-free, and easily digestible, ideal for those who do not want to give up on a rich plate of fresh pasta without worrying about one’s health.

At Pastaplant we only source selected seasonal ingredients, with a strong preference for zero kilometers British products, so that our Chef dispose only of the best that nature can offer, and not just for Pasta!

Come and discover our carefully built selection of nutrient-packed starters and small plates...and do not miss our homemade desserts!