Our Product

We specialise in nutrition-focused cooking, enhancing our pasta taste while employing gentle cooking methods to ensure the maximum nutrition content is extrapolated.

Our pasta is made from non-wheat flours and plant-based seeds that are rich in fiber and proteins.

The main characteristic of our artisan pasta is the high quality of its ingredients, ranging from legume flours to plant-based seeds, without any coloring or conserving products.

Pastaplant is a mix of strictly organic and completely gluten-free elements, resulting in low carbohydrates and high protein food, easily digestible and vegan.

Using legume flours, our Pasta can be an excellent addition to a healthful diet, offering a huge nutritional value alongside low calories.

Thanks to its healthy characteristics, our pasta is loved not only by vegans, vegetarians, and celiac intolerants but also by expectant mothers, elderly, children and athletes.